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'To help SME business owners and their teams create Quality Lifestyles through Business Success.' 

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To provide you and your team with the widest range of high value coaching programs, products and services, in both choice and

price, that will enable you to grow and improve your business and profits to whatever level you desire, at any speed you wish.

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"A must-read for everyone in business. This book can become your ticket to acheiving your full economic potential."

Jason Jennings - NY Times bestselling author and one of America's Top-3 most-in-demand business speakers

Eric J. Gregory

Author & Principal Coach

Discover why most small to medium-sized businesses don't work... HOW TO STOP JUST SURVIVING AND START THRIVING!


This book will take you step-by-step through Eric's proprietary methodology, 10 Keys to a Profitable Business, which underpins and forms the principles, strategies and systems he uses to guide businesses to amazing growth and improvement. Packed with

entrepreneurial lessons and insights, this book is a must-read for evey business owner serious about taking their business to the next level.

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Praise for 'Would you like Profits with that?':

Would you like profits with that?

The Ten Essential Keys to a Profitable Business

Proprietary Methodology

Our methodology underpins every coaching program, product and service we use when working with you as a client

This is the first stage of your coaching where you'll build your business foundation and business model for future growth to ensure it is scalable.

In the second stage of coaching, as your business grows and reaches new capacity points, you'll constantly be working ON your business ensuring it stays profitable.

In your final stage, your business should be what we call a 'well-oiled, systematic, profitable business machine', allowing you to focus on investing your profits for wealth.

We are passionate about and believe in real capitalism, free markets and the concept of starting and running successful businesses that benefit the owner(s), shareholders and team members (particularly helping SME’s; Small and Medium Sized businesses). To put some numbers in perspective for you, in a recent Australia wide survey of the ‘Mid-Market’ sector, looking at medium sized business, conducted by GE Capital, it was found that only 1.4% of all companies fit into the ‘mid-market’ category (Total Annual Sales of between $10 Million and $200 Million), while Small Businesses (less than $10 Million annual sales) represent a staggering 98% and the balance (roughly .5% or half of one percentage point) were very large businesses with sales of more than $200 Million per annum.


One of the main things that drives us is our desire to help as many Small Companies (turning over less than $10 Million) to grow to become Mid-Market Companies in the range of $10 Million to $200 Million and to help as many of the existing lower range Mid-Market companies to increase their growth and improvement year upon year.


The more small businesses we can help become mid-market businesses, the more business owners we will be helping to be rewarded for all of their hard work in both time and money, the more opportunities we will help create for employees and team members to grow with those businesses furthering their careers and entrepreneurial spirit and the more we will help the overall economy grow as well. It’s what drives us, it’s what we’re passionate about.

What drives us... Why are we in business?
If you're looking to grow and improve your business and considering working with a business coaching company to help you, choosing the right company is an important decision. We have been coaching business for over eleven years and our business model is continually evolving through feedback from our clients ensuring our programs, products and services are relevant and represent exceptional value.
Some questions to consider to help you choose the right coaching company for you and your business. 
Q1: Does the coaching company help you with your entire business or only segments of your business such as marketing or sales?
(Many coaching companies call themselves coaching companies but are in fact specialists within a given area of business as opposed to business coaching companies which should help you with your entire business, not all business coaching companies provide genuine holistic business coaching despite calling themselves business coaches.)
Q2: Does the coaching company provide me with a range of options that allow me to create the best program for where I'm at now or do I need to fit into one of a few limited choice program options that may not be best for my company?   
Q3: Will I receive access to any tangible items such as business tools, software, templates etc as part of my coaching program? 
Q4: Are the coaching programs reasonably priced, can I expect to get a good return on investment based on their prices?
(Many coaching companies must charge extremely high rates to justify their business model as they work on a time for money model!)
Q5: What methodology does the coaching company use as part of their programs and coaching, how was it developed and why will it work?
Q6: Is the company a franchised or licensed 'system' that allows people to purchase a coaching business 'off the shelf' and start coaching?
(Business Coaching is not a regulated industry which means anyone can purchase a franchise or licensed 'system' and start coaching immediately, regardless of experience.)
Q7: Does the coaching company have previous success with clients, any case studies I can review?
Q8: Does the coaching company have a network of affiliate companies they can refer me to help me as I grow and improve my business?
To gain a more thorough understanding of how we work with clients, we've included some links below that might help you:
Membership Pricing Table         FAQ         Our Proprietary Methodology         Please feel free to Contact Us anytime if you have any questions           

We work with Small and Medium sized Business across Australia. Although we are based between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, we also work with clients in most major cities including Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and most larger Regional areas and centres as well. In terms of the types of business we work with, we have coached businesses from a wide range of industries in both B2B Business To Business as well as B2C Business to Consumer companies. The typical size of most Small Businesses is somewhere between $500,000 to $3 Million in Annual Sales, however, there is no minimum size for a company to start on a Coaching Membership with us, the main requirement is a burning desire to grow and improve your business, everything else grows from that.


We offer a wide range of Business Coaching Programs, Products and Services including One on One Coaching Memberships, Group Coaching Memberships, a Free Membership, Business Coaching Memberships which include primarily our exclusive Business Coaching Software and tickets to our Strategic Business Planning Events, Pay-As-You-Go & Done-For-You Business Coaching and Consulting Services, Strategic Business Planning Events, Team Training, our Affiliates Network, Online Store and also Guest Speaking.


In terms of specific products and services, we offer our clients assistance across all of the '10 Keys to a Profitable Business' within our proprietary methodology which are 1 Capital, 2 Strategy, 3 Leadership, 4 Team, 5 Systems, 6 Marketing, 7 Sales, 8 Delivery, 9 Finance, 10 Admin. Some of the specific products, services and business education and coaching we offer our clients within those '10 Keys to a Profitable Business' are: Business Plans, Strategic Business Assessment, SWOT Analysis, Business and Personal Goal Setting, 3 to 5 Year Forward Planning, Developing Your Company Purpose, Values and Culture, Strategic Clarity, Business Model Clarity and Quantification, Finding, Keeping and Growing the Right Team Members, Financial, Emotional and Intellectual Recognition, Fulfillment and Inclusion of Team Members, Implementing Team Financial Incentive Programs, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Attributes and Qualities, Team Training, Team Recruitment Systems, Team Member Position Descriptions, Company Organisational Charts and Structure, Team Induction, Team Performance Reviews, Running Effective Team Meetings, Team Meeting Templates, Team Accountability, Responsibility and Outcomes, New Team Member Welcome Kits, 'Organisational Efficacy', 'Customary Business Practices', Business Systems including Business Workflow, Business Processes, Business Procedures, Creating Efficiency and Being Effective, Company Reports and Reporting, The '6 M's of Marketing': Market(s), Messages(s), Mediums, Money, Management, and Monitoring, Company Branding, Image and Identity, Marketing Collateral, Marketing Execution, Sales Collateral, Your Sales Process, Sales Management, Your Sales Terminology, Sales Process Quantification and Tracking, Sales Training, Sales Commissions, Sales Budgets, Sales Pipelines, Sales Forecasting, Sales Conversion Rates, Delivery of Jobs On Time and On Budget, Billable Hours, Subcontractors, Fixed Price Quoting, Do and Charge, Maintenance Work, Project Work, Service Work, Job and Project Management, Materials and Labour Management, Setting and understanding Annual Profit & Loss Budgeting including Sales Income, Cost of Good Sold, Gross Profit, Fixed Expenses and Net Profit, Cashflow Management and Cashflow Forecasting, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Management, Break Even and Capacity Estimations, Establishing Correct Income Streams, Predictable Gross Margins, Cash Gaps Awareness and Management, Office Management Efficiency and Effectiveness and exclusive hand-developed Business Templates and Tools including our Proprietary Business Software which we can work with you to customise to suit your business needs and requirements to best fit your business model. Some of the main features of our Business Software are our Marketing Budget, Marketing ROI Analysis, CRM, Sales Forecaster, Sales Process Analysis and Tracker and Cashflow Management. These are just some of our Business Coaching programs, memberships, products and services we offer.


When we say we work on a holistic level with our clients, we mean it :-)


How we do what we do is probably best summed up by understanding more about our Proprietary '10 Keys to a Profitable Business' Methodology' as well as our Company Purpose, Guiding Principles/Values and Culture. Our Methodology outlines the specifics and technicalities of how we do what we do and Our Culture and Purpose speaks more to how we go about doing what we do in terms of attitude, mindset, and essentially what drives us and why we're in business to begin with.


As a high level introduction to how our Business Coaching Programs and Memberships are structured, we work through three core coaching phases or stages with you:


1 We start with your Strategic Business Assessment which is the start of your Business Plan where we take stock of where you're at now, where you've come from and where you'd like to be. We will also identify any urgent or critical items that need to be addressed immediately. This first stage or phase can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months depending on your current business situation. 


2 Next we move onto working ON your business, focusing on your Strategy, Structure (or Business Model) and Systems, essentially we will be working through our '10 Keys to a Profitable Business' with you step by step. We will establish an annual Business Plan, as well as Quarterly Business Tactical Plans with discussed priorities and goals. In this second phase we are looking to establish successful business habits or what we call 'Customary Business Pracitces', which every successful and profitable business should be doing. Along the way, as your business becomes more profitable, there will be 'Re-Investing for Growth' requirements, reinvesting some of your profits back into your business for future profitable growth. This second stage or phase can take anywhere from 12 to 36 months depending on your current business situation and your business goals.


3 Finally, we move into the refinement and consolidation stage or phase, which starts to bring in 'Investing for Wealth. This is where your focus is evenly split between two key components: a) Continual refinement and sophistication of your Business Model, constant, never-ending improvement of your business, your business should now be consistently profitable with a view towards continual strengthening and improvement (building on your financial momentum) and b) Starting to invest some of your profits into outside assets to build wealth for your own personal financial future. The size you grow your business to and at how fast you get there are very personal decisions which only you can decide for yourself, our job is to provide you with a robust business coaching framework that you can plug into to create the profitable business habits required to make your business a success, what we call a 'Well-oiled, Systematic, Profitable Business Machine' 

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