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What is the Affiliate Network?

The Affiliate Network is a community of specialist service providers designed to help you and your team get specific help in various areas of your business as and when you need it. The network of affiliates is there to complement your coaching process. Over the years, we have been continually asked by clients, throughout the process of coaching, questions like; Do you know a good accountant? Can you refer us to a good website development company? I need help with some employment contracts; do you have any law firms that you recommend? We have noticed that for the vast majority of business owners, the task of finding reliable, reputable and high quality specialists (their external team), is a hit and miss proposition that costs both time and money along the way. So, in a nutshell, the Affiliate Network is a simple yet effective tool to help you build

up a solid team of external specialists that are vital to your ongoing business success. Each affiliate understands the coaching process you are going through and where they fit in, as an external member of your business team. Read more below about how we select or choose affiliates and what our criteria is. Every Affiliate is listed within one or more of the ten keys that applies to the area of business they can assist you with.

After years of referring companies face to face to our clients, we felt it would more valuable to put the process online making it easier for you, our clients, to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily, plus it makes the process easier for our affiliates as well. You can see to the right, a few of the ‘icons’ with wording within them that describe the network. One phrase in particular sums up the ethos of the network; ‘forged on a spirit of a willingness to collaborate to help the SME market’. ‘A willingness to collaborate’ is the backbone of the network and each affiliate understands that as a business owner you have a multitude of other needs outside of the ones they will be assisting you with. Each affiliate understands they are one of a team of businesses that you will seek help from and need to be mindful of that when dealing with you. Within our own core company values we list ‘Cooperation’ as one of our main six guiding principles and within our company culture we state that ‘we are always open to working with any partner, alliance or affiliate that can help us achieve our Cause & Strategy and fulfil and maintain our Culture & Values’. These aspects of the Affiliate Network are extremely important to us and they are one of the main considerations we review when choosing affiliates to be a part of our network.

Why did we start the Affiliates Network? 
How to use the Affiliate Network?

The network is extremely easy to use. Use the menu tab above to go to the page you want to search to see a list of affiliates in that key. Each affiliate has a listing outlining who they are, what services they offer and how they can help you and your business. Additionally, peer reviews from other clients may assist you as well. You can contact an affiliate by submitting an enquiry straight from their affiliate member listing. After that, it’s up to you to discuss your needs with the affiliate company and go from there. It’s that simple. Again, the major benefit is that we have selected affiliates much in the same way we’d select team members for our business, both on their skill and their attitude. Finally, don’t be afraid to discuss future needs with affiliates that you may see coming up in future months for your business, it’s a great idea to help you with getting realistic budget ideas for future needs.

What are the benefits of using the Affiliate Network?
What criteria do we use to select Affiliates?

The benefits of the affiliate network are:


  • Save yourself the time, money and hassle…find specialists you can rely on, quickly!

  • Deal with specialists that understand and respect what you are going through in your business building process

  • Affiliates that understand our ’10 Keys to a Profitable Business’ methodology and where they fit into the big picture

  • Read peer client reviews to see what their experience has been

  • Receive a welcome offer from each affiliate upon joining

  • Receive ongoing special offers from the affiliate network from time to time

  • Tap into the expertise of our affiliates at various events we run throughout the year

  • ŸAnd maybe most importantly, build up an external team of specialists you can rely on to help you with the specific expert guidance you need as you build, grow and improve your business

As we mentioned in the above sections, one of our main criteria for selecting affiliates for the network is their attitude, their willingness to help as part of a team of external providers. If we are not confident that this is the attitude a company has, we simply will not let them be part of the network. Another criteria is obviously skill, do they have the core capabilities to deliver what it is they say they can. We look for an ongoing good reputation of dealing with clients of consistency and high value product and service offerings. Suitability in terms of what they offer, do they fit into a category that a large amount of our clients see as a need. Do they get and understand what business coaching is, what you are trying to achieve in your coaching process and will they respect that process? Have we dealt with the company before or has one of our clients dealt with or used the company in the past? At the end of the day, we can’t and don’t take responsibility for the way any other company conducts themselves within our network. What we are trying to achieve is to select the best cultural and expertise ‘fits’ or matches with what we feel our clients need and what our clients are telling us they need help with. The ultimate aim is to provide you with a fast, easy and reliable alternative to simply starting from scratch when looking for external help from a supplier for your business. The network truly is designed to benefit everyone involved in it; you (our client), the affiliates and our business as well.

Save time, money and hassle...find what you need fast

Specialists that respect what you're trying to achieve

> Companies that embrace our ’10 Keys’ methodology

Read peer coaching client reviews and experiences

Receive a welcome offer from each affiliate specialist 

Plus ongoing special offers and discounts from affiliates 

> Tap into the expertise of affiliates at our unique client events 

> ŸBuild up an external team of partners you can rely on as you grow

A unique community of external specialist solution providers

Our Affiliates Network is designed to compliment your coaching membership. The network is made up of a wide variety of affiliate partners who are external specialist solution providers in one or more of the '10 Keys to a Profitable Business'. Having a knowledgeable and reliable external team is critical as you grow and improve your business, search through the network using the menu above to find specialists within each of the '10 Keys'.


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