Client Success Stories
Success Stories

"Outstanding Net Profit Result"

In this edition we focus on a client that has achieved a very impressive bottom line Net Profit result in their business.

This particular client was able to achieve nearly $320,000 in net profit in one financial year.


They hit their sales targets for the year and smashed their Gross Profit Targets and Gross Margins percentages out of the park, needless to say, they had a fantastic year.


How did they do it?

Major Takeaways:

  • They knew their Business Model numbers at the start of the year (Leads, Clients, Conversion Rates etc...)

  • They had a P&L Budget in place at the start of the year that was done line by line in terms of Income Streams, COGS, Gross Profits and individual Fixed Expense categories based on previous years' numbers

  • They tracked all of their critical numbers across their 'Business Assembly Line': Marketing > Sales > Delivery > Finance > Admin

  • They reviewed their critical numbers in Weekly and Monthly Team Meetings and discussed as a Team if they were on track and how to keep results going or improve results

  • Everyone in the Business knows exactly what role(s) they play in achieving the companies overall Outcomes

  • And finally, everyone 'signed off' on and agreed to sticking to the companies current system

  • Understanding is one thing... Implementation and discipline are different... in my book 'Would you like Profits with that?' I talk about business being quite 'Simple' but not 'Easy'... that's the morale of the success story above for me... the disciplines are pretty straight forward, it's the 'grit', focus and determination to turn those disciplines into habits... that's where the real magic starts!


Use this example as motivation to do the same in your business! 


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