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Events & Conferences Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase additional tickets to events above and beyond the ones included in my membership?

Yes, you can purcahse more tickets to any of our events that you already have tickets to from your membership inclusions and you will receive your Member Discount % off of the the normla price as well.

Can I give my tickets to another business if we can't attend the event?

Unfortunatley no, tickets to events and all other features and inclusions are for the business that holds the membership only and are not transferable to other businesses.

Is travel included in tickets for events?

Unfortunatley no, as each business will be travelling from different locations, travel is not part of your ticket. We do, however, make every effort to source special offers for our clients for accomodation if we are holding an event at a Hotel.  

If I am attending an event as a non-member, do I need to have access to the 'cloud' Software Membership to use at the event?

In most cases yes, but it depends on the event. We always outline, in the event details, if we becoming a 'cloud' Software Member is recommended, it really deos depend on the specific event.

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