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Hi, I'm Eric Gregory, over the past 14 years, I have been working with owners of Small and Medium sized businesses to grow and improve their companies and their profits. 


I use my own proprietary methodology '10 Keys to a Profitable Business' which I outline in my book 'Would you like Profits with that?'., the methodology was developed through years of coaching and working with businesses and entrepreneurs.


Below are a few testimonials of clients talikng about their coaching experiences. Over the years, we've helped many small businesses grow both their total sales and of course their profits, and in many cases with quite substantial results.

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Can Eric help my business as well?

Well, most coaching companies would instantly say yes, and in many cases they'll immediatley start over-promising.

So here's my perspective... right now I don't know if I can or not. If I can help you, I certainly will. And, if I don't think I can, I'll give you honest feedback and tell you that and discuss what other options might be good for you and your business.