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Our 'gravity+' Business Education Videos are one of three components of our 'cloud' Membership and are designed to help you with specific question around how to use your 'stellar' Software and 'universal' Tools & Templates and also include a range of topics from within our '10 Keys to a Profitable Business' methodology which you and your team can use for further education and 'online coaching'.


We have nearly one hundred Videos with new ones added regularly and as a member you will be notified as new videos are uploaded.


Please see a list below of the topics covered in videos from within our '10 Keys to a Profitable Business':


  • 'Capital': Capitalism, Debt, Equity and Profits, Structuring Yoru Business and Raising Capital


  • 'Strategy': Strategic Management Process, Theory of Constraints, Strategically Now, Why does your company exist?, Culture, Values, What business are you in?, Small Bets, Iteration and Feedback, Trading Profit for Growth, Business Planning, Exit Strategy, Your End Game 


  • 'Leadership': Four Stages of Learning, Relentless Comunication, Working ON vs IN your Business, Multiple Book Reviews, Leadership Qualities


  • 'Team': Organisational Chart, Position Descriptions, Behavioral and Personality Traits, Team Meeting Templates, Find, Keep and Grow the Right Team, Incentivising Team Members, Recruitment Process, Defining the right Team, Recruitment Ads, Screening Candidates, Conducting 1 on1 Interviews, Selecting the right Team Members, Offer of Employment and Contract, New Team Member Induction


  • 'Systems': Business Workflow, ERP thinking in an SME Business, KISS Principle, Policies, Team Authorisations and Permissions  


  • 'Marketing': 6 M's of Marketing: Your Markets, Messages, Mediums, Money, Monitoring and Management, Wiritng Powerful Headlines, Creating a meaningful and powerful Slogan for your Business and your Brand, Marketing Mediums Checklist


  • 'Sales': Defining Sales, Closing the Sale, Reverse Engineering, Sales or People first?, Managing your Sales Pipeline


  • 'Delivery': Defining Delivery, Where to account for your Billable Hours Employees?, Employees and Subcontractors


  • 'Finance': Defining Finance, Break Even and Capacity Points, Setting up your Profit & Loss for transparent reporting, Understanding and managing your Cash Gap


  • 'Admin': Defining Admin, Office Management


  • 'Profits': Introduction and our Proprietary Methodology