Guest Speaking
Guest Speaking

Eric is a business author, business coach/consultant and guest/keynote speaker who specialises in working with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Leaders to grow and improve their businesses and create sustainable and meaningful change through his proprietary methodology '10 Keys to a Profitable Business'™.


Over the past 10 years Eric has worked with a wide range of businesses in both size and by industry through One on One Coaching, Group Coaching, Team Training, Business Workshops and Guest Speaking.


As your Guest or Keynote Speaker for your Group, Company or Organisation, Eric can share his insights on what it takes to create sustainable business growth and how to find, keep and grow the right team members and future leaders. He can also discuss, in detail, or aspects thereof, his proprietary methodology for growth: ’10 Keys to a Profitable Business’™ which underpins the strategies and principles he uses when coaching businesses. Your audience will leave inspired and motivated to achieve results and grow and improve.


Eric's Speech Topics Include:

  • '10 Keys to a Proifitbale Business'

  • Strategy

  • Leadership

  • Team

  • Systems

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Delivery

  • Finance & Capital

Keynote Presentations by Eric J. Gregory 

Eric J. Gregory

Author, Guest Speaker & Principal Coach

Praise for Eric's book 'Would you like Profits with that?'

"A must-read for everyone in business. This book can become your ticket to acheiving your full economic potential."

Jason Jennings - NY Times bestselling author and one of America's Top-3 most-in-demand business speakers

'Would you like Proifits with that?' is available in Paperback, Audiobook or Digital eBook.


Copies can be arranged for all audience members in attendance as part of any guest or keynote speaking engagement and group discounts can be organised as well.

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Listen        Audio

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Whether your audience is a group of business owners, members of an association, your direct team or attendees at an event your holding, Eric can help them discover their own leadership qualities and gain an understanding how they can intellectually, emotionally and financially benefit from being part of a ‘well-oiled, systematic profitable business machine’. At the end of the day, business is all about people: employees, managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and shareholders. You've found your team, now it's time to make sure you keep and grow them to ensure your business performs, year in, year out.

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