Our Proprietary Methodology
Proprietary Methodology 
Leadership 3rd Key of the '10 Keys to a Profitable Business'

Our Definition:

'The Senior team member(s) tasked with creating and realising the business strategy'

Successful Outcome:

The senior Leadership team has set a clear strategy and destination, carved out a clear action plan to achieve the strategy and has 100% buy-in and belief from entire team on how the strategy and plan will be achieved.

How we can help you within this Key:

Below is an ever-evolving list of suggested Strategies, Tactics and Tools within the key of Capital. Our aim is to assist you with any of these in one or more of the following ways:

a) Create for you

b) Assist you in creating 

c) Critique for you 

d) Educate you in 

e) Suggest Affiliate Network specialists who may be able to assist

 Suggested Strategies, Tactics and Tools with the Key of Leadership: 

  • Time Management & Task Prioritising


  • Strategy Identification & Implementation


  • Tactical Plan(s) to Execute Strategy 


  • Setting Clear Destination 


  • Emotional Team Recognition, Fulfilment, Inclusion


  • Financial Team Recognition, Fulfilment, Inclusion


  • Team Open and Honest Debate


  • Team Results


  • Team Integrity


  • Company Cause, Clarity ob why you are in business


  • Leadership Qualities


  • DISC Profiles & Behavioural Qualities


  • Team Education


  • Personal Heatlh & Fitness


  • Personal Leadership Habit

  • Strategic Decision Making


  • Team Recruitment


  • Find, Keep and Grow the Right Team


  • Growing Internal Future Leaders 


  • Intellectual Team Recognition, Fulfilment, Inclusion


  • Team Vulnerability


  • Team Accountability


  • Team Commitment 


  • Team and Company Culture and Values


  • Team and Company Meetings, Structure


  • Common Denominators of Successful Entrepreneurs


  • Self-Education, Entrepreneurial Mindset


  • Communication Skills


  • Team Training