Annual Strategic Planning Event
'navigation' Annual Strategic Planning Event
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Our Annual 'navigation' Planning Event is one of our core offerings, the event focuses on ensuring your business has a clear Business Plan for the financial year, both Strategically and Tactically. Creating an Annual Business Plan that your team is involved in and understands, goes a long way towards achieving the goals of the plan and gives clarity to every team member in terms of what role they play in achieveing the results and outcomes for the business.
Our Annual 'navigation' Planning Event can be purchased as a stand-alone investment and is run over a Full-Day:
  • Tickets can also be purchased as a stand-alone investment outside of a membership: 
    • Full-Day Annual Strategic Planning Events
      • $1,595 plus GST includes 1 x Ticket for each Owner in your business
      • $2,695 plus GST includes up to 5 x Tickets in total for your business
Upcoming Dates
  • Full Day Annual 'navigation' Planning Event for 2019-2020 Financial Year:
    • Exact Date to be confirmed, ETA July 2019
Summary, Content and Overview
The focus of our 'navigation' Planning Event is on each of the '10 Keys to a Profitable Business' inlcuding 1 Capital 2 Strategy 3 Leadership 4 Team 5 Systems 6 Marketing 7 Sales 8 Delivery 9 Finance 10 Admin and ultimatley creating Profits.
You and your team can create clarity and focus for your business by evaluating each of the 10 Keys, creating a list of priorities using our proprietary 'Annual Business Planning Tool' within each key for the upcoming year and more specifically the upcoming quarter. By taking time away from the day to day running of your business to craft a Business Plan for the upcoming year or quarter, you are creating an essential business habit that will give you an edge over your competitors and provide clarity, focus and teamwork for your employees, all working towards one common goal and your Annual Plan will keep you focused on what you need to achieve on a week to week basis.
  • Typical Event Content and Outline:
    • Group Environment with interaction throughout the event with like minded Business Owners and Teams
    • Guest Speakers from our Affiliates Network throughout the event
    • Business Plan creation throughout the day during Annual Planning Event
    • Business Plan Review and Update throughout the day during Quarterly Planning Event
    • Q&A Sessions throughout the event with coaches and other clients and businesses
    • All required tools provided to every attendee
    • Lunch, Snacks and Refreshements provided at every event
    • Awards for Clients at Annual Events
    • Business Plan Presentations to the Group
    • Sharing of previous year's and previous Quarter's Wins, Challenges and Results 

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