Our Proprietary Methodology
Methodology Overview
Proprietary Methodology 
Proven. Powerful. Profitable.

Grow and improve your business with confidence using our '10 Keys to a Profitable Business' methodology. Every coaching program, product and service we use when working with you as a client is under-pinned by our unique holistic framework. 


Below are the three core stages of our proprieatry methodology. To understand more about each of the individual '10 Keys to a Profitable Business', how we define them, what a successful result in each key is, a list of attributes of each and  how we can help you within each of the keys, use the menu above for more details and to watch a video explanation of each key as well.  

10 Keys to a Profitable Business

The ‘10 Keys to a Profitable Business’™ forms and underpins the principles, strategies and systems for coaching and working with you as a client. This proprietary methododology and structure has been developed over years of trial & error, feedback, testing & measuring and plain old blood, sweat & tears and we have it down pat, so you can be confident you're on the right path to results as you work 'ON' your business. As a client, you’ll be guided step by step through our Coaching Framework which starts with your 'Strategic Business Assessment', followed by hands-on coaching to realise your plan to help you build what we call a ‘well-oiled, systematic, profitable business machine’. For a more in-depth explanation and understanding of each of the individual '10 Keys', make sure to visit each of the '10 Keys to a Profitable Business'™ pages.

Re-investing for Growth

As discussed in Eric's book, ‘Would You Like Profits With That?’, if you have the ability to re-invest the profitable cashflow from your business to strengthen, improve and grow your business, you’ll have a massive advantage over your competitors. After working through the ‘10 Keys’ with you, you’ll be coached through the process of continual strengthening, stabilization and consolidation of your business while continually decreasing the need of the business to be so dependent on you as the owner. This is where you begin to reap the rewards of what we call ‘compounding synergy’. Month by month you’ll gain more control, confidence and freedom as your business becomes a true asset that your team should now be able to run for you in terms of working IN the business while you and other senior leaders focus more and more of your time on working ON your business to ensure it continues to grow and improve.


The final step of your coaching process is where you can begin 'Investing for Wealth’; investing in other assets outside of your business; be it Property, other Businesses, Shares or whatever you feel is best for your particular situation. Our business is focused on initially coaching you through the ‘10 Keys to a Profitable Business™’ as well as ‘Re-investing for Growth’ stages so your business will allow you to focus your time and energy on ‘Investing for Wealth’. Your coaching program now focuses on two key areas: 1. Continual review and monitoring of your business 2. Steady consolidation and refinement of your business model to allow you to invest portions of your profitable cashflow in other assets to compound your wealth. This second point will require an external team of specialists and plenty of your time, energy and focus. Our role throughout this final stage is simply to continue to coach you and your team to ensure your business reamins profitable.

Investing for Wealth