Our Purpose, Values & Culture
Our Purpose

'To help SME Business Owners and their teams create Quality Lifestyles through Business Success'

What drives us... Why are we in business?

We are passionate about and believe in real capitalism, free markets and the concept of starting and running successful businesses that benefit the owner(s), shareholders and team members (particularly helping SME’s; Small and Medium Sized businesses). To put some numbers in perspective for you, in a recent Australia wide survey of the ‘Mid-Market’ sector, looking at medium sized business, conducted by GE Capital, it was found that only 1.4% of all companies fit into the ‘mid-market’ category (Total Annual Sales of between $10 Million and $200 Million), while Small Businesses (less than $10 Million annual sales) represent a staggering 98% and the balance (roughly .5% or half of one percentage point) were very large businesses with sales of more than $200 Million per annum.


One of the main things that drives us is our desire to help as many Small Companies (turning over less than $10 Million) to grow to become Mid-Market Companies in the range of $10 Million to $200 Million and to help as many of the existing lower range Mid-Market companies to increase their growth and improvement year upon year.


The more small businesses we can help become mid-market businesses, the more business owners we will be helping to be rewarded for all of their hard work in both time and money, the more opportunities we will help create for employees and team members to grow with those businesses furthering their careers and entrepreneurial spirit and the more we will help the overall economy grow as well. It’s what drives us, it’s what we’re passionate about.

Our Guiding Principles
  • Education - Knowledge - Objectivity 

We are driven to continually educate ourselves and our clients to become better entrepreneurs and leaders. We value objectivity and the insights gained from reason, logic and knowledge. We encourage each other and our clients to keep an open mind while at the same time maintaining a reasonable amount of pragmatic and empirical thinking.


  • Lifestyle - Family - Health 

While financial success is certainly important, our Family, Health and Lifestyles are equally important. We understand that having a successful business will provide us with the time and money required to achieve many of the goals we set with our family, for our health and as part of our lifestyles, so we aim to maintain a balanced approach as we strive for success in business.  


  • Innovation - Creativity - Reinvention

We embrace and uphold our current systems, processes and business model while we simultaneously work on improving the way we do business. We do this through innovative thinking, tinkering with ideas and concepts, keeping creativity an active part of our team and not being afraid to reinvent things to maintain our growth, agility and speed.   


  • Cooperation - Contribution - Inclusion 

Internally within our team, we value cooperation, open debate, contribution and inclusion in all facets of our business. We want every one of our team members to be intellectually, emotionally and financially recognised, fulfilled and included. Externally, with our clients, suppliers and affiliates, we see cooperation, contribution and inclusion as some of the main ingredients for mutual success.


  • Leadership - Perseverance - Discipline 

We believe perseverance and discipline are critical to business success, equally, we also realise that blind dedication and an unbalanced work ethic can be detrimental. We encourage every one of our team members and clients to be the best leaders they can be in all areas of their business and their lives while maintaining a healthy combination of drive, desire for results and balance.  


  • Integrity - Honesty - Ethics 

We believe integirty, honesty and ethics are principles and values that are self-evident and they should be practiced simply because it is the right thing to do.   


  • Understanding - Gratitude - Humility 

Trying to understand another person's point of view, their mindset, intentions or beliefs, before forming an opinion about them or their outlook or ideas, is an important piece of creating clear communication. Being willing to be vulnerable is a powerful quality within teams and encourages growth, gratitude and humility and creates better team work and business success. 


  • Heart - Courage - Commitment 

We believe having the right attitude is one of the most important traits of people in business. Skill can be trained, attitude, however is solely in the hands of each individual, it is a decision. As a team, we are committed to one common set of goals and will do our very best to maintain a genuinely positive attitude while having the courage and heart to 'call' one another if our attitude deteriorates.