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Software Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have the 'stellar' Reporting Software customised for my business?

Yes, we can customise your 'stellar' Reporting Software for your business. We can use the time available from the 'Premium' Support if you choose that as a preference or alternatively, we can use hours from an investment in 'propulsion' hours as well. Each request for customisation is done on a caseby case basis and a quote will be provided after initial discussions.

Can I change the preferences within my 'cloud' Software Membership

Yes, you can change your preferences at anytime, whther that be number of user licenses or level of Support, you can change your preferences at anytime to suit your business needs.

Do I need Office 365 to use the 'cloud' Software Membership?

No, you don't need Office 365, you do however need Office insalled on your computer.

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