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'stellar' Reporting & Analytics Software in the Cloud
Reporting & Analytics Software (1st Component of our 'cloud' Membership)

Our 'stellar' Reporting and Analytics Software is one of three components of our 'cloud' Membership and is designed to help you track your businesses critical numbers and targets. We have developed the software over years of interaction and feedback with our clients.


The software is constantly evolving through client feedback and suggestions. As a 'cloud' member, you start with a 'Global' set of Software Templates which can then be customised for you and your business as and when you need to.


Please see a list below of the current inclusions:


  • 'Marketing Budget': Put your Annual Marketing Plan into a real budget to maixmise every dollar you spend and track your progress


  • 'Marketing ROI': (Return on Investment) in Total and for each Marketing Medium or Mechanism within your Marketing Budget


  • 'CRM': Capture client and lead details and track progress throuhhout your Sales Pipeline


  • 'Sales Forecaster': Track Budget vs Actual by Month, Quarter and Year to Date, Track Pending Dollars, Variance and Dollars to Budget for your Company as a whole, by Sales Representative and by Income Streams


  • 'Sales ProcessTracker': Monitor your Sales process including Leads, Meetings, Quotes and Sales Targtes vs Actuals on Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual and Year to Date basis   


  • 'Cashflow Forecaster': 52 Week Perpetual Cashfow Summary, Cash in, Cash Out, includes Sales, COGS, Fixed Expenses and other Business Expense actuals and projected signed Sales and COGS for more accurate holistic Cashflow view of your business


  • 'Profit & Loss Annual Budget': Create your Annual Profit and Loss Budget Month by Month, Quarterly and Annually, Track Actuals Monthly and Year To Date


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