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Strategy Team Training & Workshops
You can attend one of training workshops or we can deliver a tailored team training session exclusively for your business.
  • Training your team to improve their strategic thinking will pay dividends both now and in the future

  • Providing clarity around the strategic direction of your business will help your team perform better

  • One of the most common complaints of employees in business today is that the business they work for doesn't have a clear strategy or set of goals, team members need a why to give purpose to their work  

  • Having a clear and concise strategy motivates your team to continue with trying multiple tactics

  • Involving your team in strategic conversations creates buy-in and inclusion within your team 

Why is it important to train your team in Strategy and what are the benefits for your business?

Full-Day Team Training Workshop

'Strategic Spotlight'
Tickets & Investment
  • Full-Day Workshop
    • $995 includes 1 x Ticket for each Owner in the Business
    • $1,995 includes up to 5 x Tickets in total for your business
  • Full-Day Team Training delivered exclusively for your business
    • $3,495 Travel may be additional, dependent upon Location
Upcoming Dates
  • Full Day Workshop 
    • No Dates Currently Set
Summary, Content and Overview
The focus of our 'strategic spotlight' Team Training Workshop is on the Second Key of the '10 Keys to a Profitable Business' Strategy. 
You and your team can focus on creating clarity of why you are in business, what your destination is, when you'd like to get there and where your business is at now. At the end of this training workshop you will have completed your 'Strategic Business Assessment, ranking each of the '10 Keys' and working out where your current constraints are at and what areas you need to improve on.
  • Typical Event Content and Outline:
    • 'Strategic Business Assessment' Report completed
    • Behavioural Profiles for each attendee, assesses Leadership traits and tendencies
    • SWOT Analysis, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats across your business
    • Current Break Even and Capacity Points
    • Personal Goals
    • Business Goals
    • Income Streams assessment and clarification
    • 3 to 5 Year Visual 'Dreamline' Quantification
    • Group Environment with interaction throughout the event with like minded Business Owners and Teams if attending a workshop
    • Q&A Sessions throughout the event with coaches and other clients and businesses if attending a workshop
    • All required tools provided to every attendee
    • Lunch, Snacks and Refreshements provided if attending a workshop