Team Training & Workshops
Leadership Team Training & Workshops
You can attend one of training workshops or we can deliver a tailored team training session exclusively for your business.
  • Training your team to improve their leadership skills will pay dividends both now and in the future

  • As your business grows, your team will need to grow with it, in both actual team size and also as individuals

  • Finding, keeping and growing the right team is essential as you scale and grow your business and one of the most powerful ways to do that is to invest in growing the future leaders of your business

  • In terms of being a great leader yourself, investing in your team's leadership capabilities is the ultimate form of leverage for you and your business and is one of the best leadership examples you can set for your team.

  • To grow your business, start by growing your team first, your leaders must grow faster than your business!

Why is it important to train your team in Leadership and what are the benefits for your business?

Full-Day Team Training Workshop

'Leadership Landmarks'
Tickets & Investment
  • Full-Day Workshop
    • $995 includes 1 x Ticket for each Owner in the Business
    • $1,995 includes up to 5 x Tickets in total for your business
  • Full-Day Team Training delivered exclusively for your business
    • $3,495 Travel may be additional, dependent upon Location
Upcoming Dates
  • Full Day Workshop 
    • No Dates Currently Set
Summary, Content and Overview
The focus of our 'leadership landmarks' Team Training Workshop is on the Third Key of the '10 Keys to a Profitable Business' Leadership. 
This workshop is all about you and your team becoming better leaders, while giving opportunities to up and coming leaders in your business to learn as well. Leadership is a widely discussed topic in business, our aim with this workshop is to help you and your team create clarity on what being a great leader is and how each team member can improve their leadership skills on a day to day basis.
  • Typical Event Content and Outline:
    • Behavioral Profiles for each attendee assessing each team members natural leadership style and communication tendencies
    • Discussing traits of great Leaders (as discussed in Eric's Book 'Would you like Profits with that?') and how you can apply them
    • Your business Purpose or the Purpose of your company and how that ties into each individual team members purpose and drive
    • Guding Principles and Values of your company and how they encourage and support leadership within your business
    • Intellectual, Emotional and Financial Recognition, Fulfilment and Inclusion and why they are vitally important to business success
    • A United Leadership Team: Vulnerability, Debate, Commitment, Accountability, Results and Integrity 
    • Group Environment with interaction throughout the event with like minded Business Owners and Teams if attending a workshop
    • Q&A Sessions throughout the event with coaches and other clients and businesses if attending a workshop
    • All required tools provided to every attendee
    • Lunch, Snacks and Refreshements provided if attending a workshop