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Sales Team Training & Workshops
You can attend one of training workshops or we can deliver a tailored team training session exclusively for your business.
  • Training your team to improve their sales skills is critical to achieving your companies targets

  • Sales is an often misunderstood area of business, having the correct mindset about sales is vital to success

  • Understanding and being clear on your customers expectations helps your entire business and team

  • Improving technical areas of sales skills will increase your conversion rates and overall bottom line

  • Sales is all about helping customers through your products and services, it's all about integirty and trust

  • Effective selling should be aligned with your company strategy, purpose ad values, connecting your team across all of these areas keeps your entire team centred and focused on helping your customers

Why is it important to train your team in Sales and what are the benefits for your business?

Full-Day Team Training Workshop

'Sales Solutions'
Tickets & Investment
  • Full-Day Workshop
    • $995 includes 1 x Ticket for each Owner in the Business
    • $1,995 includes up to 5 x Tickets in total for your business
  • Full-Day Team Training delivered exclusively for your business
    • $3,495 Travel may be additional, dependent upon Location
Upcoming Dates
  • Full Day Workshop 
    • No Dates Currently Set
Summary, Content and Overview
The focus of our 'sales solutions' Team Training Workshop is on the Seventh Key of the '10 Keys to a Profitable Business' Sales. 
Sales is almost thought of as a dirty word by many people. There is an unfair perception that selling is a manipulative or conniving practice. Maybe that perception is justifiably fair, ususally where this is smoke, there's fire, and the perception of sales probably stems from the fact that too many people in sales roles don't do their jobs well and do come across as pushy and doing whatever it takes to make a sale. With all of that in mind, this workshop focuses squarely on what great selling is all about, it's not something done to someone, it is a bi-product of helping someone, it is built on trust and integrity and genuine intentions to help someone, your potential customer. A well trained Sales team can be worth their weight in gold!
  • Typical Event Content and Outline:
    • Your Company 'Sales Process', defining it and quantifying and creating your company terminology and sales language
    • Defining what great Selling is and what it is NOT, getting the mindset correct
    • Sales Supporting Documents and Tools inlvolved in your 'Sales Process' your Sales Team will need to use
    • Quantifying every step of your Sales Process: Leads, Meetings, Quotes or Solutions and Sales as well as Gross Margin Targets
    • Sales Forecasting and your Sales Pipeline and how to manage it properly
    • Sales Techniques, Hints, Tips, Tactics and Best Practice Guidelines and Principles
    • Sales Role Playing during the Workshop
    • Traits of Great Sales people
    • The roles that Trust, Intentions, Integrity and Emotions play in Sales
    • Group Environment with interaction throughout the event with like minded Business Owners and Teams if attendign a workshop
    • Q&A Sessions throughout the event with coaches and other clients and businesses if attending a workshop
    • All required tools provided to every attendee if attending a workshop
    • Lunch, Snacks and Refreshements if attending a workshop