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You can attend one of training workshops or we can deliver a tailored team training session exclusively for your business.
  • Training your team in Systems will give your team better skills to do their jobs

  • As your business grows, your team will need to grow with it, and systems are critical to create leverage

  • Creating your businesses 'Assembly Line' and Workflow aligns your team with the Position Descriptions on your Organisational Chart which gives every single team member understanding of where and how they fit in

  • Creating a series of processes and procedures, or systems in your business teaches your team not only how to do their jobs better but focuses their attention on what the desired outcomes of their actions are

  • Systems play a vital role in allowing you to scale your business in a predictable and controllable manner

Why is it important to train your team in Systems and what are the benefits for your business?

Full-Day Team Training Workshop

'Systems Simplified'
Tickets & Investment
  • Full-Day Workshop
    • $995 includes 1 x Ticket for each Owner in the Business
    • $1,995 includes up to 5 x Tickets in total for your business
  • Full-Day Team Training delivered exclusively for your business
    • $3,495 Travel may be additional, dependent upon Location
Upcoming Dates
  • Full Day Workshop 
    • No Dates Currently Set
Summary, Content and Overview
The focus of our 'systems simplified' Team Training Workshop is on the Fifth Key of the '10 Keys to a Profitable Business' Systems. 
Systems is one of the most misunderstood areas of business and one of the easiest to over complicate which is why this workshop is named 'systems simplified'. One of the keys to creating systems that are effective lie in a great quote from Albert Einstein: 'Make systems as simple as possible, but no simpler'. That may sound easy in theory, but in principle, it can prove to be more difficult than most think. With the rise of choices in today's market of Online Tools, Apps and Technologies, in some ways creating systems has become easier and in other ways, the sheer volume of choices available today presents a new set of challenges. Our 'systems simplified' workshop will get you and your team on the right path to creating systems that will actually work for you and your business.
  • Typical Event Content and Outline:
    • Using our proprietary 'Business Workflow and Assembly Line' Tool we create Processes across the Five Core funcational areas of your business including Marketing, Sales, Delivery, Finance and Admin
    • Combined with your company Organisational Chart, we tie your company Processes to Positions within your company and the People that work in those Positions
    • We start working on how to perfrom each Process within your 'Business Workflow' by creating Procedures for each Process
    • Finally, we marry up the Technologies and Resources your team will need to use to perform the core Processes in your 'Business Assembly Line'
    • Group Environment with interaction throughout the event with like minded Business Owners and Teams if attending a workshop
    • Q&A Sessions throughout the event with coaches and other clients and businesses if attending a workshop
    • All required tools provided to every attendee if attending a workshop
    • Lunch, Snacks and Refreshements provided at every event if attending a workshop