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Our 'universal' Business Tools & Templates Library is one of three components of our 'cloud' Membership and is designed to help you grow and improve your business quicker and easier and save you time, money and hassle by providing a range of tools and templates to help you create systems and documentation as your business grows. We have developed all of our Tools and Templates over years of interaction and feedback with our clients.


Our Library of Tools & Templates is constantly growing and evolving through client feedback and suggestions. As a 'cloud' member, you start with a 'Global' set of Tools & Templates which you can then customise for you and your business as and when you need to.


Please see a list below of the current inclusions:


  • 'Business Model Quantifier': Assists with Annual planning by quantifying your Budget, Average Client Size by Income Stream, Current Estimated Sales expected, Variance between Budget and Existing and New needed, Target Totals for Leads, Meetings, Quotes and Sales


  • 'Position Descriptions': Create a Position description for each Position on your Organisational Chart, focusing on Key Outcomes, Responsibilities, Skills, Attitude, Qualifications, Performance Reviews and more


  • 'Organisational Chart': Create your companies Team Structure using our 'Business Assembly Line' model to create the correct positions within your business in the 5 core functional areas of Marketing, Sales, Delivery, Finance, Admin as well as Leadership


  • 'Business Workflow And Business Assembly Line': List and define your companies and teams core processes within our 'Business Assembly Line' model within the 5 core functional areas of your business of Marketing, Sales, Delivery, Finance and Admin. Additionally, list all of the core pieces of technology, documentation and tools your team needs to use to perform processes within each functional area


  • 'Creating Powerful Slogans': Step by step, create a powerful and meaningful slogan for your business and brand   


  • '6 M's of Marketing Plan': Create clarity for your Marketing with the 6 M's of Marketing: 1 Market(s) 2 Message(s) 3 Medium(s) 4 Money 5 Management and 6 Monitoring. This is the first stage of creating your annual Marketing Budget and Plan. 


  • 'Marketing Mediums Checklist': Assists you with selecting which marketing mediums are best for you and your business, what you are currently using, what's working and which mediums might be good, this is a key element in creating your Annual Marketing Plan and Budget.


  • 'Break Even and Capacity': This is the starting point of creating your Annual Profit and Loss Budget. By using the Break Even and Capacity tool you can accurately estimate what amount of Sales you need to hit your Break Even point and what your projected profit will be at various estimated capacity points of sales revenue and varying Gross Profit Margins within each of your income streams


  • 'Annual Planning Tool': This is the key tool used to list all of your business priorities for the coming financial year, broken into quarters of the financial year, this tool is updated weekly and reviewed and updated more thoroughly on a quarterly basis


  • 'Dreamline': We use this tool as the beginning of your Coaching process to help you get clear on what your goals for your annual wages are and what additional profits you will need over a 3 to 5 year period to achieve your Investment targets and goals, allowing percentages of profit for Re-investing for Growth back into the business as well


  • 'Personal Goals': List and prioritise your personal goals allowing you to see how they fit into your business


  • 'Business Goals': List and prioritise your business goals to give you clarity around time and money targets for your business


  • 'Strategic Business Assessment': This is used during your Coaching Process, it is one of ther starting points that focuses on where your business is at now, where you'd like it to be, your Personal Goals, your Business Goals, you as a Leader in relation to your business, your companies SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and your current Break Even and Capacity


  • 'Recruitment Process': A series of checklists and documents that are designed to assist you with streamlining your entire Recruitment Process from start to finish from finding the right team member to induction, training and first Performance Review


  • 'Team Meeting Templates': These include Weekly Tactical, Monthly Company Tactical, Strategic and General Meetings designed to help you run your team meetings efficiently and effectivley to focus on the critical and important results in your business


  • 'Coaching Sheets': Used to list and track your Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Goals and Tasks taken from within your Annual Planning Tool, creates a great habit structure of working ON your business consistently


  • 'Performance Review': A template that makes conducting Performance Reviews easy and successful, requires input from both the team member as well as the attending leaders performing the review


  • 'Company Purpose and Culture': Tool that guides you through creating your company Culture, Purpose, Values and Guiding Principles, this is critical to complete as your company grows and is essential in helping you find, keep and grow the right team members


  • 'Headline Starters': Guides you step by step of how to write great headlines for your business used in your Marketing


  • 'Behavioral and Personality Profiles': Helps you define each of your team members personality traits and work habits, promotes better team communication and leadership


  • 'Organisational Efficacy': Our exculsive system that defines a healthy Team Structure and environment focusing on the following 6 Attributes: 1 United Leadership Team 2 Company Purpose, Culture, Values and Guiding Principles 3 Strategic Clarity and Destination 4 Annual Tactical Action Plan 5 Strategic Management Process throughout the year 6 Finding, Keeping and Growing the right team


  • 'Sales Process': Create a one page visual Mind Map of your Sales Process, critical to create clarity and guidllines for leverage within your Sales Team and Company for scalable growth


  • '4 Stages of Business': Explains and outlines the 4 typical stages of Micro, Start-Up, Small and Medium-Sized SME Businesses: 1 Start-Up Early Phases 2 Raw, Unrefined Growth 3 Customary, Habitual Growth & Improvement 4 A Systematic, Well-Oiled Profitable Business Machine


  • '4 Team Types': Explains and outlines the 4 'typical' types of Team Members in terms of the work they perform within your business: 1 The Strategist 2 The Constructer 3 The Enhancer 4 The Performer and how that relates to which of the 4 Stages your business is at now, provides clarity to your team in terms of the journey they are on now and how they can help grow and improve the business


  • 'Strategic Management Processs': Outlines the core 6 items that help create your 'Customary Business Practices' that allow you and your team to track and improve the results in your business and adjust and pivot your tactics and plan as needed, they include: 1 Capture 2 Report 3 Meet 4 Analyze 5 Decide 6 Act and repeat. This process is key in focusing the entire company and team on targets vs actuals to keep focus on desired and targeted outcomes


  • '10 Keys to a Profitbale Business' Bar Graph Ranking: Allows you to rank and rate your business on a scale of 1 to 10 for each of the '10 Keys to a Profitbale Business' based on the definition of each of the keys: 1 Capital 2 Strategy 3 Leadership 4 Team 5 Systems 6 Marketing 7 Sales 8 Delivery 9 Finance 10 Admin and finally Profits


  • 'Customary Business Practices': A list of tasks, processes and procedures that should be customary within your business, they should be a habit that the business performs consistently, they are a part of your buisness DNA, by implementing these, you are creating a platfrom for scalable growth for your business and your team while creating a solid foundation that provides consistency and stability for your company as you grow


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