Why Choose Us
If you're looking to grow and improve your business and considering working with a business coaching company to help you, choosing the right company is an important decision. We have been coaching business for over eleven years and our business model is continually evolving through feedback from our clients ensuring our programs, products and services are relevant and represent exceptional value.
Some questions to consider to help you choose the right coaching company for you and your business. 
Q1: Does the coaching company help you with your entire business or only segments of your business such as marketing or sales?
(Many coaching companies call themselves coaching companies but are in fact specialists within a given area of business as opposed to business coaching companies which should help you with your entire business, not all business coaching companies provide genuine holistic business coaching despite calling themselves business coaches.)
Q2: Does the coaching company provide me with a range of options that allow me to create the best program for where I'm at now or do I need to fit into one of a few limited choice program options that may not be best for my company?   
Q3: Will I receive access to any tangible items such as business tools, software, templates etc as part of my coaching program? 
Q4: Are the coaching programs reasonably priced, can I expect to get a good return on investment based on their prices?
(Many coaching companies must charge extremely high rates to justify their business model as they work on a time for money model!)
Q5: What methodology does the coaching company use as part of their programs and coaching, how was it developed and why will it work?
Q6: Is the company a franchised or licensed 'system' that allows people to purchase a coaching business 'off the shelf' and start coaching?
(Business Coaching is not a regulated industry which means anyone can purchase a franchise or licensed 'system' and start coaching immediately, regardless of experience.)
Q7: Does the coaching company have previous success with clients, any case studies I can review?
Q8: Does the coaching company have a network of affiliate companies they can refer me to help me as I grow and improve my business?
To gain a more thorough understanding of how we work with clients, we've included some links below that might help you:
Membership Pricing Table         FAQ         Our Proprietary Methodology         Please feel free to Contact Us anytime if you have any questions           
Our UMSP: 'Unique Meaningful Selling Points'

Our methodology is unique to our business and has been developed through years of experience working with Small to Medium sized business in a wide range of industries. You can grow and improve your business with confidence knowing that hundreds of other companies have previously done the same thing using our methodology, framework and systems.

Our 'cloud' software portal is made up of three core components to give your business the tools and resources it needs to scale: 'stellar' is our Reporting software, 'universal' is our Library of Business Templates and Tools and 'gravity+' are our Business Education videos. Access to the 'cloud' Software Portal is available in most of our memberships.

One of the main pieces of feedback we have reeived from clients over the year's is their frustration with both the high price of most coachign companies as well as few options to choose from. We have developed a wide range of Coaching Memberships which you can customise to your business needs and budget.

Our purpose is: 'To help SME Business Owners and their teams create Quality Lifestyles through Business Success', it's why we do what we do. Our main focus is all about you and your business success. In fact, your coaching program starts with identifying what you'd like from your business in terms of time, money and profits to achieve your ideal lifestyle and for 'Investing for Wealth' and what your business needs to be to make that a reality.

Our clients tell us that one of the main things they value is the ability to customise their membership to suit their business budget and needs, whether that be the wide variety of memberships available or the ability to choose your preferences within memberships for features like licenses for our software, tickets to events, levels of support, frequency, length and location of coaching, you truly can customise a membership to your exact requiements.

The business landscape is always changing... new technologies, disruptive start-ups, changes in legislation and the economy in general, and as a coaching company, we pride ourselves on not only constantly innovating in terms of how we work with clients, but also by being aware of what the current trends are in business in general, one of the ways we do that is through our Affiliates Network which is available with every one of our Memberships.

Eric's book 'Would you like Profits with that?' outlines our proprietary methodology '10 Keys to a Proftiable Business', 'Re-Investing for Growth' and 'Investing for Wealth'. As a coaching company we help you grow and improve your entire business by focusing on the the following 10 Keys within your business: 1 Capital 2 Strategy 3 Leadership 4 Team 5 Systems 6 Marketing 7 Sales 8 Delivery 9 Finance 10 Admin and of course... Profits!